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Red Light Photo Enforcement

Each year in the United States, Red Light Running results in nearly 200,000 crashes, more than 800 deaths and 180,000 injuries.

The Forest Park Police Department is committed to the safety of their residents, but no community can afford to police every red light intersection 24 hours a day. Traditional enforcement also creates a safety hazard for the violator, other drivers, pedestrians and the officer when police chase a violator through a red light. This technology frees up officers to assist and protect residents in other ways.

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Red Light Photo Enforcement Information

Camera Locations

Roosevelt Rd. & Des Plaines (Northbound)

Roosevelt Rd. & Harlem Ave. (South and Eastbound)

Paying Red Light Tickets

You can pay your tickets online at Red Light Violations

Analysis Statistics
• 2017 Statistical Analysis- Des Plaines & Roosevelt
• 2017 Statistical Analysis- Harlem & Roosevelt